Coronavirus Response: a Message from Flower

March 14, 2020

Dear friends and colleagues,

My heart goes out to all the faculty members who are transitioning quickly to online or remote delivery in light of the unprecedented situation we now find ourselves in. And to those who, like at my institution, don’t know how long they’ll be online, adding further uncertainty and stress. College faculty are intelligent and resourceful people. I know for a fact we will all figure this out and help our students complete this term. 

However, I’m aware that many people feel out of their depth, with little to no time to prepare for a change of modality. To support both faculty and student success this spring, I’ve provided a few of my favorite resources to help us all think creatively about helping students meaningfully achieve learning outcomes, supporting their mental and emotional wellbeing, and maintaining our own personal and professional wellbeing, with sanity and grace, as well.

I’ve often found that a conversation is the best way to help faculty and support heroes like Instructional Designers and Technologists think through their approach. That’s why I’m offering free 30-minute Q&A sessions via Zoom for a limited time. 

I’m happy to meet with groups of faculty and Teaching and Learning staff in order to talk through your questions and concerns. Submit your requests using my contact form. Please identify three or four possible days and times and we’ll see what we can arrange.

My best wishes for your wellbeing and success.


Selected resources for moving in-person instruction to remote or online delivery