Speaker Topic

Up for the Challenge: Teaching for Learning in Times of Peril

The last few years have been unprecedented in higher ed. Incredibly tough challenges have followed one after another in the form of Covid-19, the baring of deep systemic inequities, exhaustion and disengagement among faculty and students, and now AI threatening to render our entire endeavor meaningless. We may feel like boxers on the ropes, bruised, beaten, perhaps even defeated. But we know what it takes to recover. To move forward. We have what it takes to step up to the challenge of teaching and learning today, to support our well-being, our students, and each other. Scholarly and equity-focused teaching shows us the way.

You’ll hear about topics such as

  • Reflections on teaching during unprecedented times
  • What we have gained by persisting through tough challenges
  • How scholarly and equity-focused teaching enables us to move forward with meaning and purpose, and why this is more important than ever before
  • Actionable course design and teaching strategies that empower us to address our current reality without overburdening ourselves or our students

Engaging, passionate, with practical advice, based on current research and progressive approaches.