Small Teaching Online.

Apply cognitive theory in your online class

The concept of small teaching is simple: small and strategic changes have enormous power to improve student learning. Instructors face unique and specific challenges when teaching an online course. This book offers small teaching strategies that will positively impact the online classroom. 


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“Effective and engaging speaker with a great balance between cognitive and affective connection to the topic.”
"Her workshop was well organized providing concise, tangible actions we can use in every class we teach online or not."
“Very good presentation, thoughtful, motivating.”
“She enthusiastically and efficiently described how to bring emotion into the classroom. Truly inspiring."
“Flower shared a great deal of useful information in a dynamic and engaging manner.”
“Compassion shows when it is authentic. This presenter clearly practiced the information and advice that she shared.”
“Great ideas! Great energy!”
“Very meaningful perspective on building relationships with students.”

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