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Flower Darby is available to deliver an interactive virtual presentation to your faculty. Get useful, practical information for online and remote teaching practices, presented in an engaging and dynamic way, including time for Q&A.

Since we’re practicing social distancing, this may be a practical and helpful way to provide the support that faculty need now. Request more information using the contact form.

Your virtual presentation was the perfect session to show the power of teaching and learning online.
It's like you were in the room with us! Thank you.

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Managing Your Online Presence
ACUE’s Online Teaching Toolkit

Plan and Facilitate Effective Discussions
ACUE’s Online Teaching Toolkit

Engage Students in Readings and Microlectures
ACUE’s Online Teaching Toolkit

Via Zoom, Flower Darby generously visited our campus book group on Small Teaching Online.
Her vibrant approach engaged our faculty as she shared best practice ideas for teaching online.
She is incredibly personable, and she responded with warmth and enthusiasm to all faculty questions.