Speaking Topics


Flower presents on a wide range of timely and relevant topics related to evidence-based best practices to promote equitable and inclusive student learning and success in in-person classes, polysynchronous online classes, and everything in between. 
She can create a flipped experience for your participants or otherwise tailor her presentations and workshops to best meet your needs and help you achieve your goals for the event. Committed to making her time with your attendees as meaningful as possible, Flower is happy to discuss your ideas about specific topics or formats. Contact her to find out more.

Teaching in an AI World: Building Confidence and Finding Our Way

Generative Artificial Intelligence presents new teaching challenges. Don’t panic—develop confidence instead.

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Apply Motivation and Emotion Sciences to Nudge Students Toward Integrity in an Age of AI

We can encourage students to complete assessments with integrity by designing to reduce temptation and increase relevance.

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Emotional Presence in Online Teaching: Boosting Learning Through Affective Science

We’ll explore the literature on how emotion and cognition work together.

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The Three Es of Teaching With AI: Ethics, Equity, and Empowerment

We have an opportunity to equip today’s students for success in an AI world.

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Small Teaching Online: Practical Strategies to Increase Student Engagement and Learning

Whether you’re new or experienced online faculty you can make small but impactful adjustments that significantly boost student engagement and learning.

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Fostering Connections and Community in Online Classes

Strengthening connections and sustaining a vibrant community can help students engage, persist and learn in any context.

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Advancing Equity in Every Class: Practical Course Design and Teaching Strategies

Supporting students of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and identities is a key consideration of our teaching practice.

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Up for the Challenge: Teaching for Learning in Times of Peril

Teaching and learning seem imperiled as never before, but we have what it takes to step up.

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Flower can also facilitate keynote presentations and workshops on multiple other talks and topics, including 

  • New Motivation for Online Teaching Excellence
  • Faculty and Student Wellbeing Online: Self-Care and Meaningful Engagement in Virtual Spaces
  • Facilitating Lively and Productive Online Discussions 
  • Promoting Equity and Integrity in Online Assessments
  • Fostering Student Trust to Boost Learning in All Formats

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Flower to discuss your ideas!