Speaker Topic

The Three Es of Teaching With AI: Ethics, Equity, and Empowerment

The advent of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and tools such as ChatGPT present both challenges and opportunities for teaching and learning in higher education. In this session we will explore a range of issues and practical approaches including how to understand what GenAI means for us and our students, the ethical and equity-focused concerns of teaching with AI, how we can encourage students to do their work with integrity, and how we can empower ourselves and our students to adapt to our rapidly changing school and work settings with the skills needed. As we make the case for teaching and learning with AI, we’ll consider strategies and examples across class modalities and disciplines for how to meaningfully do so.

You’ll hear about topics such as

  • The challenges of teaching and learning in an AI age
  • The importance of integrating GenAI in our courses despite those challenges
  • Three primary considerations to equip our students for academic and professional success
  • A range of assignment examples, from more simple to more sophisticated, that span disciplines and course modalities

The information was great and gave me new perspective.