Speaker Topic

Apply Motivation and Emotion Sciences to Nudge Students Toward Integrity in an Age of AI

Students become tempted to cheat when a) they don’t see the value of the task, b) they don’t care much about the material, and c) when they’re anxious about their ability to do well. We’ll consider the psychology of cheating, then explore how we can address these challenges by applying motivation science and emotion science. You’ll gain practical, evidence-based assignment design and teaching practices that encourage students to choose to invest meaningful effort in writing and other assessments  rather than giving in to the temptation to get Artificial Intelligence to do their work for them.

You’ll hear about topics such as 

  • Psychological and emotion-based factors that influence students’ temptation to cheat
  • How motivation science and emotion science can help us create conditions in which students are more likely to choose to work with integrity
  • Practical course design, assignment design, and teaching strategies in all disciplines and modalities that help lead students to produce meaningful, authentic work

The information was great and gave me new perspective.