Speaker Topic

Teaching Strategies to Promote Equity and Inclusion

Supporting students of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and identities is a key consideration of our teaching practice. In this session, faculty will learn about inclusive techniques to enhance equitable outcomes on assignments and assessments. Regardless of the modality of your class, whether fully in-person, fully online, or somewhere in between, you will gain practical solutions to address existing barriers and inequities in higher education.

You’ll hear about topics such as 

  • Evidence-based frameworks to welcome and support all students, regardless of their background, abilities, identities, needs, and preferences
  • How to create classes in which factors that used to predict student success (or lack thereof) lose their influence
  • Proven approaches that improve equity in both in-person and polysynchronous online classes
  • Practical takeaways to enhance your class next week or next semester

Flower shared a great deal of useful information in a dynamic and engaging manner.