Speaker Topic

Advancing Equity in Every Class: Practical Course Design and Teaching Strategies

Equity-minded teaching can be defined as evidence-based course design and teaching strategies, which, when paired with critical self-reflection, help all students have an equal chance to succeed in any class, especially historically underserved students. Based on The Norton Guide to Equity-Minded Teaching (2022) this session will present theory and practical tips that follow the cadence of how we teach: design strategies for before the term, day-to-day approaches to enact during the term, and reflections to engage in throughout and after the term. Whether you teach in person, online, or some combination of both, you’ll gain small yet impactful approaches you can implement in your next class.

You’ll hear about topics such as 

  • Evidence-based frameworks to welcome and support all students, regardless of their background, abilities, identities, needs, and preferences
  • How to create classes in which factors that used to predict student success (or lack thereof) lose their influence
  • Proven approaches that advance equity in every class
  • Practical takeaways to enhance your class next week or next semester

Flower shared a great deal of useful information in a dynamic and engaging manner.